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Continental Massage

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Himalayan Salt Therapy Himalayan Salt Therapy Himalayan Salt Therapy Can be used alone or in combination with the infrared sauna. Usually sessions last 20 - 30 minutes, up to 45 minutes depending on the individual. 199500083 Benefits of Himalayan Salt Infograph 1. Prevention of Allergy symptoms & improved air quality. 2. Increased serotonin levels to aid in healthy sleep patterns. 3. Improved energy and mood. 4. Decreased blood pressure. 5. Supported immune system, respiratory function, & vascular health. 199500086 Himalayan Mountains 199500075 Himalayan Salt Cave Known as the purest salt on Earth, Himalayan Salt was formed 200 million years ago in a primordial sea, then condensed under the pressure of the mountain. This locked in all the minerals, giving the salt it's unusual coloring. 199500076 The Benefits of Himalayan Salt 199500078 Bath Salt A handful of course bath salt placed into a warm bath can restore and renew the body, similar to an epsom salt bath. 199500079 Welcome To The Salt/Sauna Room Enjoy the benefits of Himalayan Salt Therapy in the new Salt/ Sauna Room. The floor and walls of the sauna booth are covered in Himalayan salt. Sit, Relax and Breathe in the salt. Reduce stress and fatigue while improving your over all sense of well being. 201596724 Our Himalayan Salt Therapy Our Salt Therapy is a converted infrared sauna with salt on the floor and wall. Direct benefits from the halogenerator add to your Salt Therapy session, by placing small particles of salt into the air. 199500081 Halogenerator Like a humidifier puts moisture into the air, the halogenerator puts salt into the air. The himalayan salt therapy session allows you to easily breathe in the many benefits of the salt. 199500084 Himalayan Hot Stone Massage Similar to Hot Stone Massage with the added benefits of the Himalayan Salt. 199500080 Variety of Himalayan Salt Stones 199500085 Himalayan Salt Scrub An add-on feature to the Himalayan Hot Stone Massage, Salt is applied to exfoliate, heal and stimulate the skin. 199500077 Enjoy Himalayan Salt Therapy Sit, Breathe, Relax! 199500082